فرشة ومعلقة سليكون – جوميا

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فرشة ومعلقة سليكون
Perfect for carrying out a multitude of culinary tasks – from scrambling eggs to mixing cake batter to folding egg whites – the Astra Gourmet 3 Piece Pink Spatula and Brush Set makes a practical,


useful and vibrant addition to the kitchen.Constructed from FDA-approved BPA-free food grade silicone,


the utensils won¡¯t scratch cooking or food preparation surfaces, making them suitable for use with non-stick cookware.Far more flexible than plastic, the spatulas offer thorough bowl and pan scraping, allowing you to get the most out of ingredients and making clean up simpler.
فرشة ومعلقة سليكون

  • Stain‎-resistant‎,‎ non‎-abrasive Silicone head 
  • Fine‎,‎ flexible bristles resist shedding‎;‎ compact size for precise control 
  • Non‎-stick and easy to remove baked foods 
  • Won‎’‎t melt‎,‎ discolor‎,‎ or retain odor 
  • Comfortable handle with hook to hang


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